Memia 2020.26: V/W/L-shaped recoveries, revisited📉📈// extortion dance💃🧧🕺// mind expanding🧠// imminent civilizational collapse💥// prosecution futures ₿// shouting zeroes and ones🔟

☑️I AM a Robot🤖

The most clicked link in the last issue (~14% of openers) was the Mashable video of new hyper light Graphene structure - exploring a bit deeper, the original research is actually 3 years old.

V/W/L-shaped recoveries, revisited📉📈

Back in Memia 2020.12 I looked at various predictions for Post-Covid economic recovery scenarios, including potential “V”, “W” and “L” shapes. The latest SME revenue data from accounting firm Xero provides a pretty compelling justification for AoNZ’s “go hard and go early” lockdown and elimination strategy - Australia is now likely heading into a “W” with the new outbreaks in Victoria and NSW… stay focused folks across the ditch, it’s worth it on the other side…

More recent economic analysis:

Extortion dance💃🧧🕺

Microsoft are in talks to acquire TikTok from Chinese owner ByteDance:

But in all seriousness this is a poisoned deal…🤮 Trump threatens to ban TikTok one day and then next day opens the door for a Microsoft purchase…with a deal commission for the US Treasury?!:

“It can’t be controlled for security reasons by China,” Mr. Trump said of TikTok, adding that he did not mind if Microsoft or another very secure, “very American” company bought it instead… “A very substantial portion of that price is going to have to come into the Treasury of the United States, because we’re making it possible for this deal to happen” - New York Times

Just yuk. Expect MS to walk away quietly in a few months. (Plus, remember Skype).

Mind expanding🧠

A new regular section of mind expanding reading / watching I’ve come across:

  • …Starting with this profile from 2018 of Edinburgh University philosopher and cognitive scientist Andy Clark - one of the originators of the theory of extended mind:

    “One day, he lost his laptop, and felt so disoriented and enfeebled that it was as if he’d had a stroke.”

  • Dark Study: an emergent alternative to fees-based university-authorised study, born out of the Covid pandemic:

    “Dark Study is an experimental program centered on art…We are digitally-rooted and virtual-first. Dark Study takes up the work that the university prevents through regulation, intellectual property ownership, and massive debt…Dark Study is a refuge for students dealing with the untenability of higher education and the fallout of neoliberalism.”

    (ht spotting @k_pendergrast)

[Weak] signals

Memia’s regular collection of signals from near and far futures:

Imminent civilizational collapse💥:

Future of WFH:

“We have also seen people making new and renewed commitments to values and goals (for example, balancing time spent at work and with family), and preparing to make meaningful trade-offs that will shape their life choices long after the current crisis passes.”


Poking holes in the Great Firewall:


Free Energy (maybe):

Robots, robots, robots:

  • Gymnastic robots:

Captain Arjun sprays sanitiser on a person's hand at Pune station
  • 🤖Last word on robots goes to Viz Comic🤣:



Lots of local moving and shaking to report as usual:

Hidden gems

  • Twitter Friend Circles: get your own personal Echo Chamber graphic at All the heroes are here:

  • And in the week when the first commercial spaceflight mission splashed down successfully, some more awesome imagery of our local neighbourhood:

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