Memia 2021.28: Fires🔥and floods🌊...and farming🚜// fleet-ing💨// practical AI [ethics]👮// e-viation🛫// future of humanity👣// finding Point Nemo🌏

The neuroscience of taking turns in a conversation🤐

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Welcome to another weekly Memia scan across emerging tech trends and future thinking, as always with one eye on my corner of the world, Aotearoa New Zealand.


The most clicked link in the last issue (6% of openers) was the story of the unfortunate crew of Soyuz 11. (And sorry last week’s link to the previous week’s most clicked link (AI Lego video) was broken…here it is).🙇

On viral R0 numbers discussed last week - as NSW, Victoria and now South Australia are in lockdown at the time of writing, Australian futurist Paul Higgins emphasises the difference between the original Covid strains and the now prevalent Delta variant:

Fires🔥and floods🌊…

Climate change at the top of the agenda *again* this week:

…and farming🚜

[Weak] signals

Memia’s regular curation of signals from the future…


  • Twitter killed Fleets1 after only 8 months. On the one hand this (euthanasing unused features) is a sign of fearless software innovation…on the other, worth pondering that most undercapitalised Kiwi startups wouldn’t survive a misstep like this - it helps to have a multi billion dollar market cap…

👮Practical AI [ethics]

🐁Clip clippety clop on the bridge

(OMG that earworm from the distant past just popped into my head…!)


  • Emissions-free flights come a step closer: aerospace startup Eviation unveiled Alice, the world’s first all-electric commuter plane, aiming to deliver the first units to a customer in 2022:

🏠Interior design++

  • The Future of interior design is here already:

Mind expanding

  • Last week I linked to futurist thinktank RethinkX’s 2019 report on the future of Food and Agriculture. I spent a rainy weekend in Taranaki reading their longer 2020 Future of Humanity e-book: a sweeping survey across civilisational history and then looking out to an accelerating future arriving now. Cogent and compelling, challenging reading:

    “The response from today’s incumbents to these [global change] challenges – more centralization, more extraction, more exploitation, more compromise of public health and environmental integrity in the name of competitive advantage and growth – is no less desperate than the response from those of prior civilizations who called for more walls, more priests, and more blood sacrifices as they faced collapse.”


This week:

Hidden gems

A diverse trio of links to finish off with…

  • Via Cannes, startup Meme Of The Week:

  • 🦙 Alpacalypse Now: Turns out this photo is from a few years ago but the whole thread is hilarious:

  • 🌏Finding Point Nemo:

Thanks as always to everyone who gets in touch with thoughts, feedback, links - always appreciated!

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