🆕Memia Knowledge Graph in Roam Research - Beta Access

New for subscribers: Rapid browsing, searching and cross-referencing across all Memia newsletter contents

Kia ora,

As recently trailed I’m pleased to be able to open up access to paid subscribers to the new Memia Knowledge Graph hosted in Roam Research, (and very much still in Beta!).

Background: over the last year, I've been steadily learning Roam Research and embedding more and more of my daily workflows and learning into a number of Roam graphs. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, helping make sense of and join your thinking together - I highly recommend you try it out. (Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s article How to use Roam Research: a tool for metacognition is a great place to start).

As part of structuring my thinking, I collated together a dedicated Memia Knowledge Graph, displayed graphically above.

This graph site contains all of the Memia newsletters to date and enables rapid browsing, searching across all of the content, together with cross-referencing together common themes covered over the years. It is updated each week with new newsletter content.

If you're ever thinking "I saw something in a Memia newsletter a while back but I can't remember which issue...?", “this person whose link was mentioned, what else have they been mentioned in before?”, “what are all the Memia links relating to Quantum computing?” … and lots of other such questions, then this graph site should help!

As I said: the graph is in early “Beta” currently:

  • So far I've cross-referenced topics across Memia 2020.01 thru Memia 2020.20... I'll be working to index the rest on the rest over the next wee while...

  • Read-only: right now, the Memia Roam Graph is read-only... there are likely to be opportunities to open it up for collaborative editing down the road...

Click on the URL below to get started.


(Full details / instructions in that link - you'll need to sign up as a (free) Roam user using the email address this was sent to if you're not already. Any problems signing up, let me know!).

I hope that this adds some extra value to your Memia subscription - let me know what I can do so that it becomes more useful over time!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome - please reach out to me by email at ben.reid@memia.com

ngā mihi