Sensemaking from the narratives: the world goes BOOM in the last week of May 2020

History in the making or a magician's sleight of hand?

This week feels like we’ve lived through a whole year’s worth of major global events in 7 days. Is this actually history in the making, or a magician’s sleight of hand, misdirecting attention from the real trick?

Fundamentally: it’s impossible for a human brain to adequately sensemake from the volume and velocity of narratives we’ve been exposed to this week. Besides, the arcs of each story are still very much in the air. Below I attempt to pull together the main threads (mostly absorbed via mainstream media websites and Twitter) which have been at the top of my consciousness this last week...

“If I'm reading this correctly, the EO claims tech platforms are doing something they're not, in violation of an incorrect interpretation of law, and tasks agencies it can't task to look into the things that aren't being done that wouldn't be wrong”

  • (Thinking of the magician mentioned above…who benefits from the replenishment of all this military equipment after the riots - after all the (rubber) bullets have been fired?)

  • Here in Aotearoa, partly in response to happenings in the US, the #ArmsDownNZ movement called on AoNZ police to end the armed response pilot. Isaac Freeman sums it up perfectly:

The set design was pretty neat…

…but then, as Antistatic’s Kelly Pendergrast puts it:

What could the next week possibly hold…?