Memia Podcasts

Conversations about the future with innovators from Aotearoa New Zealand

Memia podcast #3: Matt Boyd on global catastrophic and existential risksListen now (66 min) | All the fun topics: pandemics, nuclear winters, unaligned AI and Aotearoa as island refuge.
Memia Podcast #2: Lyndon Burford on why nuclear disarmament is more important than ever beforeListen now (64 min) | How climate change is increasing the risk of catastrophic nuclear conflict...and how blockchain technology could be used to verify…
Memia Podcast #1: Rachel Kelly on bioaugmentation, epigenetics, wearables, extending healthspan and building a personal digital twinListen now | Taylored Tech's Project Otto is building a personalised digital twin to enable people to become "the best version of themselves"