Sitemap - 2023 - Memia by Ben Reid

2023 predictions scorecard✅🟠❌ future of news🗞️ superalignment🔀 Optimus gen2🦾 3D printing using goo💧 decentralised 5G📶 solar powered bike paths☀️🚲 #2023.50

Memia 2023 year in review: Entering the new "AI-ocene" planetary epoch

Gemini is born♊ a torrent of Mistral🌊 EU Acts on AI🇪🇺📜 Apple has joined the chat🍏 COP28 fizzles out🌍🔥📉 general world models🌍thought-to-text 🧠💭💬 Project Silica💿 #2023.49

🧠Mind Expanding Links 8 Dec 2023: more Metacrisis🌪️ remaking the internet🌐 what if money expired?💸 extreme longevity🧓quantum advantage⚛️circle packing⭕ unlearning economics📉

Anthrobots🦠 Perplexed no more🤔 Pika idea-to-video🪄 leave a tip for the AI🤑 magnific🔎 climate TRACE🌐 self assembling from the future⏫ GNoME acceleration💎 Roadrunner🚀 Cyber*uck-up🚙 #2023.48

The ASML of dairy?🥛Karpathy university🎓 Q* Anon😵‍💫 d/acc⏯️ there is no off button📴 #DecentralizeAI🌐mechGPT🕸️meme-to-video📹 quantified sex🍆 recloaking Papatūānuku🌳#2023.47

The week in OpenAI🎭 LLMs and science⏩🧪 latent space explorer🧭 voice to music🎤🎵 Claude 2.1🎁emu edit🐣reconductoring⚡️ drones washing windows💦 #2023.46

🎭Behind the OpenAI theatre: AGI "governance" won't avert a race condition

🧠Mind Expanding Links 17 Nov 2023: policy steering rooms🏛️ contesting the growthocene📉 spimes, wranglers and biots🔮 collapse anticipation💥 intelligence explosion (but safely)📈

Introducing MemiaGPT🆕 humane AI pin📌 LLM OS🧮cooking with telepathy🤯 evolution of stretch🦾 hottest year in 125,000🌡️ the enshittenment💩general magic🪄 #2023.45

A (brutal) introduction to the Metacrisis🤯 GPTs everywhere🪄 a meeting to have more meetings📅 HOW much?!💰 Satlas🛰️smarter food🧪twistronics🔬pessimists archive🫣 #2023.44

Evaluating emerging tech🔍 I thunk it💭executive order on AI📜the network state, live🌐megaprompt💡Starship, waiting🚀⛽mini collider ⚛️ Steam powered resilience🚂 #2023.43

🌐Mind Expanding 30 Oct 2023: have some foresight🔮living in a simulation?🤯neuropolitics🧠🗳assembly theory💭the capitalocene💰dead internet theory🪦

Brain in a box🧠📦SXSWSydney retrospective💬 accelerated melting🧊 global simmering🔥50 exaflops and counting⏫answer engine optimisation🎯the state of AI🌐 #2023.42

2023.41: Empathy triggers😔techno-optimist manifesto📈hungry AI⚡Psyche’d🚀more GPT-4V📷deciphering antiquity📜nation scale instant logistics📦zooming around a bacteria cell🦠philosophy cop👮

2023.40: imbalanced🌓after Pax Americana🗺️techno-feudalism📚 odds-on AGI🎲being Anthropic🧠press rewind⏪ fluxonium⚛️towards monosemanticity🗝️

Mind Expanding 6 Oct 2023: Understanding entropy?🌡️📉AI is the new OS💻anti-apple🍎 the origin of conscious awareness👶AI, doubt thyself❓3 body bot💫

2023.39: genera extinction⚠️the EV acceleration🚘 oh wow (virtual) reality edition😮 RIP Jimmy Apples🍏more gaussian splatting🪄LeRFs🥽down on the farm🚜H2Fly🛩️don't die💀

2023.38: temperature overshoot🌡️ DALLE-3🎨 AlphaMissense🧬methane super-emitters🛰️ Optimus does yoga🤖🧘‍♂️AI un-safety⚠️Microsoft going nuclear☢️cyborg cockroaches🪳bionic silkworms🐛🕸️

2023.37: broken boundaries⚠️getting crowded📲 centaurs and cyborgs🐴🤖 disUnity❌ the future is (too) bright🌞sleeping ETs👽👽 speaking the LINGO-1🗨️video translate 🎥robot parkour 🦿

Mind Expanding 17 Sep 2023: our time on the river🛶meet Mediocrates✍️AI and Leviathan🏛️ quantum monism⚛️the three-legged stool 3️⃣snake parasites in a brain🐍

2023.36: time to build an ark?🌧️balls of fruity deliciousness🍇project drawdown💨rockstars of cement🎸🪨Metaphor AI search🗨️robots making precision medicines🦾🧪HyperCinema📽️🪄

Mind Expanding taking a break this week

2023.35 Omega blocking Ω cartographic tensions🗺️ASI political spectrum🟥🟦 full time children🚸 humanoid robot roundup🤖 post-quantum cryptography🔑flying on water🏁whirlpool galaxy🌀

2023.34: new normal♨️accelerando📈before it's too late?⌛3D gaussian splatting🥽deep sky🌤️modular open source hardware💻🪛mobility-rich environments🛴windwings💨🚢 pre-Marvel marvels🦸

Mind Expanding 25 Aug 2023: don’t delegate understanding🚫capitalism’s willing executioner?💸the future of documents📄a new normal♻️sponge cities not sponging🧽your face belongs to us🫣

2023.33: a song of (no) ice and fire🧊🔥BRICS and blocs🧱AI and inequality≠ I am not a robot🤖(toilet cleaner)🦾🚽EV graveyards🚗🪦yin and yang fundamental physics☯️in another stub…😶‍🌫️

2023.32: The inevitable correction?⏬GPTBot🛑life in Smallville🏠Neuralangelo🖼️political bias in AI models🧭hey doppelganger🤯dronut🎮white noise of publishing🫣regenerative futures🔮

Mind Expanding 11 Aug 2023: grappling with complex systems💭moodsplainers🙄monopoly on magic🪄RLHF explained🎓bounded-error quantum polynomial time🧠gravitational memory 💫

2023.31: ⏩mitosis🫧geoengineering in reverse🚢☁️zoom out🔍metal, heal thyself🔬unreality TV📺🫣audiocraft, perfusion, metaGPT📈flamera🕶️wind turbine towers made of wood🌲

2023.30: physics with drama⚛️🎭climate jenga😰welcome to the pyrocene🔥volcanic origins?🌋frontier model forum🧮robots + LLM🦾even more unreal🥽betting long🍀

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #47: a fortress🏰or an ark?🛳️ GHG gas emissions going down📉govt guidelines on GenAI📜spinning out🌀top 💯 tech AoNZ tech firms to work for

Mind Expanding 28 Jul 2023: an emergent property of physics🧠💡post-anthropocene⏳EU nature restoration law🍃the metabolic era🙈dark stars🌌

2023.29: net present insolvency🔥📉⚠️𝕏-parrot🦜open source llama 2🦙🦙image-to-video🎬🤯welcome to the simulation😵‍💫AI girlfriends❤️‍🔥alter ego💭growing tomatoes in the desert🍅

2023.28: Heat domes☀️🌍🌡️X is X is X🙄pontificating on AI💒NPC streamers and alternate reality🎭Li-Fi is here💡paint the world white?🖌️synthetic human embryos🔬the Everettian conformal bootstrap🌌

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #46: 🦐🧠Neo-Cambrian intelligence explosion🌐complexity theory😶‍🌫️clearer thinking needed📈a surge in productivity?

Mind Expanding 14 Jul 2023:🌍regrowth economics💩enshittification and the crap-ocalypse🤖AI and the burden of knowledge 🧬evolution of the minimal cell🧠second brain🌌cosmic bass note🐁Universe 25

2023.27: Broken records🌡️overshooting⏱️code interpreter📜"superalignment"🧭neuromorphic wetware🧠connectome explorer🪰lionglass🦁Barbenheimer😅

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #45: 🛳️🛳️two ships from Korea✈️✈️two planes to China🤝back to foreign policy basics🌐repositioning for NATO+🐇🕳️the election games begin🛑avoiding technopolar hegemony

2023.26 Point of no return↩️⛔AI panic-as-a-business😱truflation📈Twitter slo-mo trainwreck (day 250)🐦💥sell shovels⛏️waiting for Gemini♊urban solar canopy☀️robot roundup🦾quantum supremacy (really)🥇

🗣️Memia speaking and media appearances roundup Jan-Jun 2023

🧠Mind expanding 2 Jul 2023: human+AI holobionts🧬🔣embedding all of human belief📚poisonous predictions💸quantum technosocialism🔀💻do octopuses dream?🐙mechanistic interpretability🔬

Memia 2023.25:🌀centrifugal forces🔱marine misadventures✈️flying high with my AI🔎zooming out with Midjourney 🌫️in a quantum state 🖳 welcome to the Reality

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #44: Escaping strategic cruise control🛣️

2023.24 HOT🥵visualizing CO2🏭🌏exaflops for equity📈closed voicebox🙊bigscreen beyond🥽mag-launcher💨immortal mouse🐁ELO everything♜unsupervised art🖼️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #43: 🎓Universities vs. AI🤖technology that cares😶‍🌫️weighing the options on China and AUKUS♎mile-high Vortex🌪️surveying survival🥫

🧠Mind Expanding 16 Jun 2023: 🌐technopolar hegemony vs. EarthStack🌍AI ouroboros🐍slime mold and intelligence🦠 AI alignment = planting trees?🌳universal basic (applied statistics)💻

2023.23 A future high functioning society?🏞️ MORE scenes from the Anthropocene🔥mantle pieces🪨a MAD landscape🤯factories in space🛰️Bee++🐝desalination free hydrogen💧

⏩🇳🇿 #42: portfolio completion!🫧✅a national conversation on generative AI📈digital twin partnership🧑‍🤝‍🧑(anticipatory?) biotech regulation🧬a future-facing nation🔮

2023.22 Behold, the Vision Pro🥽what debt ceiling?💸the week in Ayyyyy Eyeeeee😶‍🌫️algorithm amplifies anger😡Tidybot🦾the life Equatic🧪this is the future we want🔮

⏩🇳🇿 #41: No nukes please (…PLEASE!)☢️A new online regulator?⚖️no taxation without representation🗳️breaking the ice on degrowth🧊📉learn from the great cities🌆

Mind Expanding 4 Jun 2023: 🧮computational irreducibility and the bounded observer 🧬quantum biology🏖️longevity land💡something we haven't tried⏳overcoming political presentism

El Niño is back?🌎Drag your GAN🖼️volt typhoon🌪️AI law is an ass⚖️the future is…quieter🤫🛵THOR’s (microwave) hammer⚡clone robotics🦾griefbot🪦 #2023.21

Webinar: Ben Reid fireside chat with Kaila Colbin - The future with generative AI - 30th May 2023

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #40: generative AI meets Aotearoa politics🗳️te kāhui raraunga⚖️♾️magnets in space🧲🛰️the China tightrope🎪portfolio construction cont'd…🫧

🫣The Overshoot: don’t look up☢️an IAEA for superintelligence?🤖robot density🥽future of tourism⏱️drone endurance🩸multi-generational plasma exchange⚛️quantum man #2023.20

Mind expanding 19 May 2023: signal from the AI noise📡universal plausible deniability🙈seaflooding🌊the ethics of depopulation📉architectures of mind🐙how to rebuild our world from scratch🧰

2023.19: A new pangenome🧬PaLM2, Bard and Gemini⏩Claude’s giant context and constitution📜the AI companion who cares?💔 brain-to-Gmail🧠📧 longer, healthier Singapore🏥reverse bank of Australia ⏪🇦🇺

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #39: Portfolio construction cont'd...🫧government-as-API🌐 clenched-shut banking🔐🏦on yer bike, Mr Mayor🚴👴have an EPIC Techweek🛸Movac growth fund 6🫘

2023.18: getting the gist🧠private moats or AI commons?🏰heatflation🌡️quantum computing explained⚛️Pixies in your phone🧝trumpet molecular computer🎺recycled shower water beer🚿🍺

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #38: How technology investment can deliver on national priorities🫧

Mind Expanding 5 May 2023: drawing a Blank on defense🛡️exponencels vs s-curve boys📈trophic rewilding🐾the human superorganism🔋cathedral thinking🏰

2023.17: crashing in slow motion💥our anthropocene planet🌎AI humanities💭badGPT😈Khanmigo🎓hyperstealth🕵️unreal metahumans🤸Hu-meh-ne😐robobabies👶

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa: Heads down writing...

2023.16 Asia's prolonged heatwave🌡️ biodiversity stripes🦓 India stack🇮🇳 China's first hyperloop🚄StableLM🚀exponential AutoGPT🤖gravity battery🔋when galaxies collide🔭

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #37: more AUKUS🌐native forests as infrastructure?🌳show me the money🤑 not so pesky pigs🐖waste-to-energy in Waimate?🗑️

Mind Expanding 21 April 2023: modern Dolittle🐘philosophy of AI🤔quantum "magic"🪄 stem cell junk yards🧬liminal web update🕸️rebel economist playbook💰why democracy?🏛️

RNZ Interview: A future where all music is AI-generated

2023.15 Geopolitical waggledance🐝Starship postponed🚀don't talk about X🤫meet the whole AI family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦the AI dilemma⚠️dead bird drones🦤out of the garage: Atomic Semi🔬

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #36: On national missions🎯BIG balloon🎈B.I.G. ideas💡an aversion to news🗞️AUKUS pillar II 🌏pizza by drone🍕

Join Memia on Substack Notes

Memia 2023.14: contrasting economic narratives💸helicopter on Mars🚁Substack vs Twitter🥊segment anything🔎heavy lies the crown👑AI small talk🤐

Mind Expanding Easter 2023: existential risk and rapid technological change🌐hyperreality machine🌀ectogenesis and ethics🚼the fabric of reality💫Dark Forest hypothesis🌲the Waluigi Effect😈

Leading with Artificial Intelligence

Memia 2023.13: AI symbiosis over alignment🍃 Restrict RESTRICT✋daddy, what’s a “meeting”?📅big wafer, big model🟡being Humane🙏vibe cube🕋last stand👾

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #35: Onshore, offshore, are you sure?😶‍🌫️timber!🌲🏢saving the dish📡slash and burn🔥horizontal take off🛫🚀could try harder😮‍💨under the weather☂️

Memia 2023.12: welcome to the AI-ocene🪩GPT-4+plugins=platform📈proof-of-humanity word🤐stop digging🛑⛏️autonomous ships and subs🚢print me a rocket🚀infinitely tesselated♾️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #34: pump it up⬆️Teal deal🔵🔝🟢"shelving differences"🙈AUKUS: yeah...nah⏳we are oVRcome🤩the true size🌏

Mind Expanding 24 March 2023: mapping 37.2 trillion data points🔬manifesto for an accelerationist politics📈escaping the superorganism🦑the great leveler🪓retrocausality🔙

Memia 2023.11: Tsunami of AI🌊hyperinflation signals…?💥Midjourney 5🖼️HustleGPT💸autonomous Zipline🛩️optimizing architecture🏗️quantum counterportation⚛️cute shoggoth👾

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #33: Towards a national technology portfolio📈safety deposit?💰AUKUS and us🌏#electrifyeverything⚡

Memia 2023.10: GPT-4 is finally here📯bug report: fractional reserve banking🪲📉civilization-level issue🫣larval connectome🐛“perfectly secure” steganography🔐decentralized science🧪

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #32: Brittle and strained📦taking care of tomorrow today?🔮gamifying transport consensus?🚅saving lives from the stratosphere🪁

Recording: Memia Hive Mind with Sam Ragnarsson 10 March 2022: Human + AI productivity tools

Mind Expanding links 10 March 2023: a trip into the estuary🐚Roko’s basilisk🐍strange life🦠surveying lunar pit craters🌑bureau of linguistical reality✍️the last of us🧟

Memia 2023.09: Trying to keep up📈treaty of the high seas🐋shape-shifting Quad?🔲critical technology tracker🌐escaped LLaMa🦙go Figure🤖reading your dreams🤯mesh networks for disaster zones🕸️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #31: turning research outputs into mission outcomes🧐bivalent💉bus-trams for Ōtautahi?🚈3D printed buildings are here🏢smart bins are here🚮

Memia webinar: Hive Mind with Sam Ragnarsson, Human + AI productivity tools

Memia 2023.08: One year on🇺🇦 severely polarized🧭exploring latent space🤯grow your own cloud🌱☁️camera filters as psychological warfare?💄(patented) remote kissing device💋

⏩Fast Forward #30: Aotearoa’s missing technology strategy🔲

Mind Expanding 24 Feb 2023: a couple of weeks in AI🤯we're all going to die😱genomics for biodiversity conservation🧬mapping the observable universe🌌what's our problem?🤷

Memia 2023.07: I have been a good Bing🫣climate doom loop🔁a decade of CRISPR🧬(no more) roads to nowhere🛣️🛑this is the future rave sound🎤runaway RunwayML🎞️quantum Diamond Age💎

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #29: After the flood🌊a once in a generation opportunity?🏗️WELL_NZ: modern genetic technology🧬

Mind Expanding 17 Feb 2023: Longevity special👴📈🧒brain as resonance chamber🧠computational colonialism🌐LLMs and theory of mind😶‍🌫️

Memia 2023.06: harmless science experiment?🛸 AI chat search wars💬DAN - Do Anything Now🤬voice cloning gets real🎤vege-tire-ean🛞Prius of the air🛫🪫It was cloudy…☁️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #28: who’s responsible for Gabrielle?🌀reforesting Aotearoa🌳the opposite of excess🦠nuclear hazard resilience☢️for when the sun finally comes out☀️next stop 45?🧒

🎙️ChatGPT, generative AI, nuclear fusion and construction robots

Memia 2023.05: Anthropic Bard🎭 economics of generative AI💸 DeepPrivacy2🫥 brace, brace!🛫 Dishbrain🧫🧠 undead, self-repairing robots🧟🤖 de-extinct dodo🦤

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #27: 🌧️after the flood…🥵the heatwave🍓growing indoor strawberries at scale🏗️construction disruption?⚐data sovereignty vs generative AI⏩more solutioneering…

Memia 2023.04: Text-to-anything🪄// Alphabet does ag🔤🌾// robot moves🦿// rejuvenation olympics👼// nanotech possibilities🔜// toroidal propellers🐬// the universality of language🔡

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #26: Adapting to 1-in-N year flood events🌊// planes🛬, trains🚄or (autonomous) automobiles🚙// 21st century Ministry of Works?⚒️

Memia 2023.03: A day is a long time in generative AI📈🤯// fusion in 5?⚛️// the new Moon rush🌕// getting NeRFy🥽// Atlas gets a grip🦾// immaculate conception👶

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #25: Time for solutioneering💡// ka pai PM👏🙏// innovation: the only way is up❌// back on the menu🌶️// mask on (for privacy)🥸

Memia 2023.02: China's demographic apogee⏬// #Exxonknew🙈// multi-modal Clippy 2.0📎// AI vs. frivolous lawyers⚖️// reboot me🧬// quantum money💸// the new hieraglyphics🤯

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #24: hottest year ever... so far🌡️🥵// aerospace sector flying🚀// converting the unbelievers💻🌾// dancing with elephants🐘

Memia 2023.01: 👀Eyes forward👀 - predictions for 2023🔮// geoengineering game on⛅// tech: line go UP📈// domestic killer drone risks🤖// effective accelerationism↗️