What is Memia?

Memia is a weekly email newsletter exploring emerging technologies and the future as it unfolds, written by me, Ben Reid. I work as an advisor and coach with senior leadership teams mostly in the software and tech sector, focused on growth strategy, digital transformation and innovation. I’m physically based in the city of Ōtautahi / Christchurch on Te Waipounamu / South Island in Aotearoa / New Zealand and I enjoy collaborating remotely and asynchronously with individuals and teams located all around the world.

Constantly curious: I continuously track new developments in technology, business and global change and the Memia newsletter is an outlet for my thinking on how emerging tech might affect our future lifestyles, economy and society.

My aim is to be leading edge, relevant, insightful, irreverent and, *occasionally*, entertaining. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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What’s in the name?

The best ideas spread themselves.

Memia (pronounced mee-mia) is derived from the word meme:

What else does Memia do?

For more information about Memia visit https://memia.com.

For consulting or speaking enquiries, or If you would like to discuss any of the ideas in the Memia newsletter in more depth, please get in touch directly at ben.reid@memia.com