Sitemap - 2021 - Memia by Ben Reid

Memia 2021.50: 2021 wrapup: a year of living with constant uncertainty🦠💉😷// protocol politics#️⃣🗳️// the AI did it🤖// kicking gopher butt🦵// quantum-entangled tardigrade⚛️

Memia 2021 wrapup: Top 10 themes from a year of living with constant uncertainty🦠💉😷

Memia 2021.49: Log4Shell🪲// the great disconnect💢// treaty of AI?📜// back in the real-world-verse😢// project tāwhaki🚀// flying jetson🚗🪁// heavier lifting🦿

Memia 2021.48: Scanonymity?📲// "is not a troll" pass🆔// rugby in the metaverse would cost less🏉🥽// Novi-chuck💸// if human: kill()🤖// fly my batteries🔋

Memia 2021.47: OMG Omicron😬// banning killer robots🤖// flattening the other curve📈// GauGAN 2🎨// BIG electric boat🔋🛳️// 3D-printed silence🤫

Memia 2021.46: Tech island utopia?🏝️🕵️// no-queue-r code🔳// cool desert❄️🏜️// 5G mining⚒️📶// haptic happiness👋// redefine meat🥩

Memia 2021.45: COP out🌍// kaleidoscope of national security risks💣// digital twins and the omniverse🥽// opera beyond🎭// silent drones🤫// spinlaunch (for the boys)💫//welcome to the Icelandverse🧊

Submission on Aotearoa government national security long-term insights briefing, November 2021

Memia 2021.44: Meme wars🗯️// getting spooky👁️// you shall [not] pass💉💉// Aotearoa’s strategic identity🌏// a captured state?👔// Deeppockets💰// drone wars💣// cetacean conversation🐋

Memia 2021.43: Metastasis or metamorphosis?🐛🦋// more meme stonks🐶// China's ghost cities🏗️// solar sheep farming⛅🐑// brainhacking🧠// awesome in the true sense of the word🤯

Memia 2021.42: The MADness of nuclear deterrence☢️// we built this city on NFTs🗽// proof-of-human (again)👁️// not hyperinflation?📈// technosocialism🦾✊// computer says no🚫

Memia Podcast #2: Lyndon Burford on why nuclear disarmament is more important than ever before

Memia 2021.41: Hopium💭// crypto:1 CCP:0🥅// how to win the future?🔜// caffeine hit☕// floating pods🌊// reinventing social welfare🙆

Memia 2021.40: Picture, 1,000 words🖼️// keeping the climate ledger📒// trillion dollar $**tcoin💩🪙// helium goes 5G🎈// data to DNA, faster🧬// artificial womb🔧🤰// 3 thousand dreams💭

Memia 2021.39: Level 3 with picnics (and hunting!?)🥪🦌// it works!✅// Próspera or Pandora?🏗️// disintermediating politicians🗳️//quantum brilliance⚛️//AUKU$🤦

Memia 2021.38: Endemic broken supply chains📦// unregulatable📜// moving to Gwagwalada 🇳🇬// throw away your phones📵// fjord carbon sink?🏞️// parallel parking in space🛰️

Memia 2021.37: debt inheritance💣// AUSUNK🚣// talking 'bout regeneration🌱// exponential meat🥩//blimp my ride🎈// how to queue🧍🧍🧍

Memia Podcast #1: Rachel Kelly on bioaugmentation, epigenetics, wearables, extending healthspan and building a personal digital twin

Memia 2021.36: 📈Super (de)growth📉// stay in the ground🛢️// colossal de-extinct mammoth🦣// super-massive🧮// unsteady seasteading🛳️// carbon (state) capture🏭

Memia 2021.35: What's up with China?🇨🇳// the metaverse can be whatever you want it to be🥽// RIP TV📺// V2G OMG⚡// better than batteries?🔋🏗️// Jerry's brain🧠

Submission to Aotearoa Parliamentary Inquiry on Cryptocurrencies

Memia 2021.34: 🧑‍💻Zoomers vs 🗣️boomers // new economic attractors🧲// meta-metaverse🌐🥽// IP-NFTs💡🔐// underhyped cycle📉// 3d-printed wagyu🥩//Icarus on top💸

Memia 2021.33: Delta straining😷// sucking all the oxygen out of the room😮‍💨// per diem💸// poly-timorous🕵️// sounds electric to me🛩️// rewilding Aotearoa🌱

Memia 2021.32: Not enough (market) power🔌// surveillance by stealth👁️// biometrics gone wrong👇// jumbo jurassic🦕// code writing code🤯// neurotheology🧠// the discontinuity🔥

Memia 2021.31: 🛑Too.🐄Many.🐄Cows.🐄// axis of peace🕊️// plummeting fertility rates👶📉// doomsday Covid variant scenario?🦠⚰️// DNA data storage🧬// the metaverse state👓

Memia 2021.30: Covid-19’s ticking clock⏲️// progressive authoritarianism👊// all kinds of batteries🔋// metaversal🦄 // 🛰️orbiting space factories🏭// time crystal💎//decentralised everything🌐

Memia 2021.29: Still crystal ball gazing post-Covid🔮// housing crisis - just start a new country?🏴‍☠// WFH for innovation's sake💡// seeing sharper👁️// love and loss in the age of AI💕💻

Memia 2021.28: Fires🔥and floods🌊...and farming🚜// fleet-ing💨// practical AI [ethics]👮// e-viation🛫// future of humanity👣// finding Point Nemo🌏

Memia 2021.27: The R0 of RSV🦠// apocalypse cow, accelerated🐮// billionaires in space💸🚀// open source mRNA🧬// manicurebot💅// metacontinual hyperamericas 🇺🇸

🆕Memia Knowledge Graph in Roam Research - Beta Access

Memia in conversation with Oliver Bruce 9th July 2021 1230NZT

Memia 2021.26: RBNZ getting down with the kids💸// Quad🔳plus➕// put a rocket under it🚀// I, Warbot🤖// tiny (nuclear⚛️) house🏠// synthetic sushi🍣// Xero at 15🎂

Memia 2021.25: Washing Windows🧽🪟// FLoC up🤬// tropical forest eco-town🏡// green stress-testing🤢♨️// China on Mars🚀🇨🇳// brainy life extension🧠// ovine fluid dynamics🐑

Memia 2021.24: Inflated expectations📈// Bezos juxtaposed🛒//laws on LAWS🤖// spooky quantum internet👻// cooling culling🦌// woodsat🪵🛰️

Memia 2021.23: Quantum Musk⚛️// construction physics🏗️// workforces everywhere🌎🌍🌏// unboiling an egg🥚// ahoy Alpha Centauri⭐// pool on my yacht🎱

Memia 2021.22: Neuroglancer🧠🔬// everyone's talking about govcoins (except RBNZ)🏛️🪙// supersonic boom💥is back🛫// sea spreading🌊// infosec’s advisory🔪// my model’s bigger than your model📊

Memia 2021.21: Speaking of the climate emergency🥵// learn to code?🔣// Unreal is real🤯// transit🚇microbiomes🦠// life on Mars🔭// happy humpback🐋

Memia 2021.20: Aotearoa's future economy🌏// not enough people?🧑‍🤝‍🧑// next "next"⏩// waiting game⏲️// augmented dexterity🧠🤏🦾

Memia 2021.19: Just the beginning⌛// the exponential age⏩// cryptophilanthropy💸// GPT-free🆓// minimum viable party🗳️// future of protein

Memia 2021.18: SARS CoV-2🦠origins, a live question❔// No.8 wire won’t cut it🪛// BIG rockets🚀// möbius strip, 2021 edition➰// lost Amy Winehouse🎤 // the internet computer 🌐// all in on govcoins🪙

No.8 wire won’t cut it

Memia 2021.17: Perfidious🙄Aotearoa// digital choke points🎯// NFTWTF🥴// synthetic me👯// AI, captain!🛳️// post-quantum cryptography⚛️🔐

Memia AMA Discussion Notes 3 May 2021

Memia 2021.16: 👀👀4 eyes and a wink😉// digital! decentralised! Health NZ🩺// dragon up🐉// signal utu👅// universal creative income💰

Reminder: Next Memia AMA Monday 3rd May 12 noon NZT

Memia 2021.15: Wanted: frontier productivity📈// MMMMeta manufacturing🦾// Spot the robocop🐕// on yer e-vélo🚴// the autodidactic universe🌌🤯

Memia 2021.14: Privacy UP⬆️// RIP🪦copyright©️// ➖ive emissions hydrogen // project december🤖// monkey🐒mindpong🧠

📅Reminder: Next Memia AMA Monday 12th April 12 noon

Memia 2021.13: Vaccy races💉// getting my $bitclout on🤑// accreting aircrete🏘️// solar☀️symbiosis🌾// poo💩to H2⚛️

Memia 2021.12: Is that ship still stuck?🚢// keep on asymmetric hedging⚖️//💻// line calls with no referee⛔// balance by smudge♾️

Memia 2021.11: So. Much. Room.🏗️🏠// it's dark down there🐟// kickstarter satellite launch kit🪛🛰️// the DOOM! report😱// lying awake thinking about NFTs🦧

Memia 2021.10: Constitution-as-code📜// alternative internets🌐// very fast macarena🕺// Ōtautahi's first unicorn🦄// Wolverine X🐺

Memia 2021.09: Hey you, get out of my feed👑//1,000 🧠brains🧠// decoding global talent🗺️// sharp eyes👀and AIs👁️// NFT wha...⁉️// hydrogen goop🔋

Memia 2021.08: Disintermediating digital✂️// when Tom met Mikhail🤯// zero revenue unicorns🦄// robots in space🦾🚀// nano-origami⚛️// meet the swirlon🌌

Memia 2021.07: 10 years📅// Murdoch bargaining law📰// metayou😐// covid passports🛂// flying fruit pickers🍎// smart wool🐑// two-way futurism🤯

MAMA Memia!🙋

Memia 2021.06: Emperor's new clothes👔// this metahuman does not exist🧔👱🧕🧖🙎// copyright©️cops👮// antilibrary📚// chesses♞// digitaldoers🦸

Memia 2021.05: That was fun😒//💸monetary policy for dummies (please)👶// climate🌪️jenga💥// the spinach talks🌿// alt-wood🪵

Memia 2021.04: Cautious vaccination magic💉// tired: meme stocks📉// wired: meme metals📈// the four internets🌐// dirt is the word🌱// world after capital💲

Memia 2021.03: Still #zerocovid...😷// geopolitical tectonic swarm🧨// CBDCs, DCEP and BSN💸// universal basic banking💰// aotearoa tāra🪙

Memia 2021.02: Four-eyes👀👀 and the Indo-Pacific🌏// avoiding a ghastly😱future🔮// digital vaccine credentials💉🛂// scouring through the rubbish 🚯₿

Four-eyes👀👀 and the Indo-Pacific🌏

Memia 2021.01: Did I miss anything?😲// the sixth estate🏛️// the metaversal self👓// an avocado🥑chair💺// do you love💕me 🦿robot🦾?