Sitemap - 2022 - Memia by Ben Reid

Memia 2022.50: 2022 year in review🤯// chaos monkeying around🐒// as low as possible⬇️😞// universal basic housing🏘️// when, not if⚛️// ClippyGPT📎// all the tired horses🐴// hi, Ren👏

Memia 2022 year in review: Welcome... to the [Meta-] Polycrisis🤯

Memia 2022.49: Surrender to the drone🇺🇦🪖// plant and walk away🌲// goblin mode👺// fusion ignition⚛️// base editing breakthrough🧬// Ectolife👶// future of private money💸

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #23: Future energy: decentralised electricity storage+distribution // towards a hydrogen economy? // nuclear fusion // space-based solar

Memia 2022.48: brought to you by ChatGPT🤖// not yet linked🧠🤥// Apple diffusing stably?🍏// transonic drone💨// collective mind topologies🕸️// moog dancers💃🕺// microcode archaeology🔢

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⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #22: Accelerating the energy transition

Memia 2022.47: China finds its voice🗣️🇨🇳// wellbeing in Aotearoa measured📊// stable evolution📈// Unreal foliage🌳// solar space farms☀️// cellmon🍣// deepfakes are...good?🥸

Memia 2022.46: turkeys and xmas🦃// non-aligned supply chains↕️↔️// to sublime, or not to sublime♾️// feed sovereignty📜// far side of the Moon🌕// neo-Aotearoa architecture🏢// DeepCloning🫣

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #21: Biotechnology, hopes and fears

Memia 2022.45: 8 billion (and counting)🌍// ↖️divided narratives↗️// Twitter (parody)🤡// autonomous vehicle⛐// geo-engineering already here?🌪️// futurium🔮// blueprints for intelligence🕸️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #20: Seizing the future means of production: robotics, additive manufacturing and nanotech

Memia 2022.44: COP to it🌍🔥//all aboard for Ōtepoti🚆//generative blah blah blah😶‍🌫️// the scourge🧟// open source BCI🧠// history as kinematics🔴🔵🟢//boomer bleakness🎰

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #19: Machine intelligence

Memia 2022.43: More climate warnings🔥🔥🔥// technofeudalism🤴// hybrid drone swarm🛥️🛩️// NatSec LTIB👁️// end of narrative🔣// AI abandonment🤖// smelling in VR👃🥽// peak dystopia?😶‍🌫️

Memia 2022.42: A week is a long time in politics⌛// undersea cable wars?✂️// Bluesky out of stealth🔵// AR for Apple🥽// self-driving lift off?🚘// sounds fishy🍣

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #18: Just what is the Metaverse *FOR*? A survey of XR and metaverse use cases

Memia 2022.41: Killer robots are here🤖// choking China with chips⏪//He Waka Eke Noa-t enough🐄//a big week in the Meta-verse🥽🤷// productivity^GPT-3🤯// brain-zapping memory prosthesis🧠

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #17: All the realities: VR, AR, XR and the Metaverse

Memia 2022.40: Escalatory🇺🇦// boomers reanimated🧓🏻// loudest dog whistle ever🦻// peripherally speaking👓// DACCS sucks🌬️// long live the mice🐁//AU-AO space industry🚀

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #16: Software operating systems: steering away from national vendor lock-in

Memia 2022.39: WW III…?🧨// shakier isles⚠️// online voting: so innovate🗳️💡// make-a-video📹// Optimus meh🤖// digital twins as history🧑‍🤝‍🧑// tragedy in the metaverse🥽// fake believe🕵️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #15: the ubiquity (and oligopoly) of cloud computing

Memia 2022.38: Polycrisis shifts up a gear💫// vulnerable voting🗳️// REGENT up in the air🛫// preparing for a quantum economy⚛️// the road to space-based solar☀️//the big switch⚡

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #14: four scenarios for the future internet

Memia 2022.37: queue avoidance📴// merged✅// Slack security // ramming asteroids☄️// prompt injection🏴‍☠️// open your wallet💸// ReFi🪸// open source monocle🧐// nanodiamonds from plastic💎

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #13: The internet and its future governance

Memia 2022.36: Beginning of the end?🇺🇦// merging⛙// future’s so bright…😎// getting serious about climate tech🔋// RunwayML🤯// big purple tomato🟣🍅// reprogramming the genome🧬// a quiet week🤫

Memia 2022.35: Carbon conundrum🛫🌳// hi-res exoplanet🔭🪐// the internet has an immune system🗑️// apps, not Arxiv🧠// but is it “Art”?🖼️//power yoga🧘// billionaire preppers💸

Memia 2022.34: Ukraine turning point?🇺🇦// has anyone heard about the climate?🔥🌊// Artemiss🚀// FedNow (next year)💸// new cambrian period🥽// DIY deepfakes😶‍🌫️// BIG wind 🌬️// filter-o-fish🐟

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #12: accelerating technology change

Memia 2022.33: Bank-as-infrastructure🏦// in the bleak midsummer😓// gone to that place in the cloud⛅// AGI takeoff⏫// text-to-movie🎦// electric sky pods🚡// mining 16-psyche🌑// grabby aliens👾

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #11 Demographic challenges: soaring individual healthspans // costly, creaking public health systems

Memia 2022.32: Bivalent vaccine💉💉// eye of the Tornado🌪️// fire🔥and fury💢// charter cities or conspiracies?💰// EuroFusion DEMO⚛️// a tennis🎾court on the moon🌕// what we owe the future⌛

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #10 Demographic challenges: fixing an inequitable, unsustainable retirement income system

Memia 2022.31: *Finally*⏰// smart dust ^ generative AI🧞// Tilting at AR👓// better streets by DALL-E🚶🚶// protein from air💭// meat from mycelium🍄// no more filter bubbles🗯️

Polycrisis causal loops

Memia 2022.30: Immunity walls🦠🧱// data “sovereignty”🔏// broken AI alignment?🦾// crypto: the third category🥉// a fine Line🔜// build the earth🌍// reusable neutron rocket🚀// necro-arachnophobia🕷

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #9: Global population and demographic trends

Memia 2022.29: After Sri Lanka..?📉// New Zealand's worst climate emitters🥛// the foot and mouth opportunity🐄💡// supply chain mapping on steroids🤯// the metaverse is Epic🥽// WFH digger operator🚧

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #8: Geopolitical power shifts Part 5, more scenarios: MicrosoftStarlink, SinoStack nations // Whatunga network state

Memia 2022.28: Vibe: DOOM😱// burning planet🧯// inflated expectations📈// CRISPR me🧬// the Merge is nigh⛙// mammoth DACCS🦣// hologlasses🕶️// warmth-as-a-service🌡️// BAD bank🙅

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #7: Geopolitical power shifts Part 4, more scenarios: rejuvenated US hegemony // ascendant, expansionist China

Memia 2022.27: Webb’s first deep field🌃// Elon pulls out↩️// try not to breathe😷// DarkFi⚫// WEF on DAOs😶‍🌫️// going underground🚇// quantum battery🔋// algae cement🦠// autodidactic universe♾️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #6: Geopolitical power shifts part 3: Network states // best and worst case scenarios

Memia 2022.26:🦠// friend-shoring🤝//PM rules Chatham House💯// synthesised reality🥽// to the MOON (and beyond)🌕// bionic robo-fish🐟🦾// NPCs decoded🧫// decentralised autonomous cities🌆

Submission to Christchurch City Council consultation on Te Kaha / Christchurch Stadium

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #5: Geopolitical power shifts part 2

Memia 2022.25: 20 million lives saved💉// American Taliban🤬// post-America🔜// crungus goes shopping👹🛒// G1 Summit🪑// Kondratieff waves〰️// defining the polycrisis😵‍💫

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #4: Geopolitical power shifts

Memia 2022.24: TPNW: 62 and counting☢️🚫// not very competitive, then📉// big solar, bigger solar☀️// visual Turing test🤯🥽// space bubble shield🫧// eco-airships over Spain💬

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #3: Big challenges, big opportunities

Memia 2022.23: #cryptocrash⏬// sentient Kantian?😶‍🌫️// chief future officer🔮// dynamic world🌎// Web2+Web3=Web5?🧮// think gargantuan🦑// no more flat tyres🛞// Serfdom 2.0⚠️

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #2: Defining a small country

Memia 2022.22: Amino acids in asteroids👾// the 64 million square kilometre question🌍🌎🌏// terrametric monetary standard💵🍃// DSLR RIP📸// teasing Dyson robots🦾// mRNA miraculous🧬

Memia podcast #3: Matt Boyd on global catastrophic and existential risks

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa #1: Introduction

Memia 2022.21: Mood: juxtaposition😵‍💫// "security cooperation"🙅// graphene LOOP➰// goodbye deforestation?🪵// text-to-Imagen🖼️// Abbatars🕺💃💃🕺// Alice, Bob and now Charlie⚛️🌐

Memia on Sunday 29-May-2022: ⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa

Memia 2022.20: Arriving soon at an airport near you🐒🦠// backing DACCS💨// ontology state engine⚙️// fusion in a backpack⚛️// Möbius carbon nanobelt♾️// 4D toys🤯// dutch drone gods do Valparaiso🚵

Memia on Sunday 22-May-22: Budget 2022 explorer💰// TranshumanOS🤖// centaurs🧍🦌and matrioshka brains🧠// bionic reading🔠// 4D Minecraft🧱// peak Dubya🩸

Memia 2022.19: Emissions reduction plan reduction🏭🤦// going 10km underground♨️// Pantheon of synthetic humans🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑// future superhuman💪🧠// black hole at the heart of our galaxy🕳️

Memia on Sunday 15-May-2022: Network swarm deplatforming...who's next?🐝// Terra Infirma📉💥// re-tasting the pickle🥒// Elondrop🪣// design after capitalism💭// what we owe the future🔮

Memia 2022.18🇺🇦: Two victory days✌️🖕// precipitous...📉// blue beret drone swarms?🇺🇳// prototyping 2040🔮// high hopes labs🎈// poo plant upgrade💩// 4X4 on legs🦿// political terraforming👀

Memia on Sunday 8-May-2022: A higher toll🦠🪦// reparation preparation🇺🇦// sailing close to quantum woo⚛️// an initiation to Game B🅱️// Infomocracy🗳️// everything everywhere all at once🥋🎆🤯💯

Memia 2022.17🇺🇦: 3D techno-geopolitics🌐// benevolent tech oligarchy💰🧑‍💻// web3 is going great🕸️// cambrian explosion🥽// kissing in VR💋// rods from God💥

Memia on Sunday 01-May-2022: 🔥It's happening // 🕊️war is evil...and? // 🌎🌍the rise of Trans-Atlantis // 📉Mez on gas// 😶‍🌫️memetic tribes of the meta-crisis // 🌌universe in a sphere

Memia 2022.16🇺🇦: Russia on fire🔥🔥// buyer's remorse?☹️// Pacific chokepoints🌏// after liberalism, digitalism?👁️// ‘live forever’ mode♾️// metaverse marriage💒🥽// 3D printed everything🖨️

Memia on Sunday 24-Apr-2022: Agricultural automation and food sovereignty🚜// state of the environment🍂// Russo-Ukraine strategic calculations 🇺🇦// Tesla of housing?🏘️// valley of liquidity💧

Memia 2022.15: Politics needs a new user interface🗳️📱// 54 days in🇺🇦// methane mystery🔥// catching rockets🚀with helicopters🚁// pie in the virtual sky💸🥽// new Frontier🌄// 🌱🐤Pasturebird

Memia on Easter Sunday 17-Apr-2022🇺🇦: poison pill or poisoned chalice?💊// terraformation🏞️// capsule living📦// robot prayers🤖🙏

Memia 2022.14🇺🇦: 9 meals from anarchy🥡// line go up📈// line go down📉// DALL-E 2🎨🤯// reasoning with PaLM😶‍🌫️// state of Unreal🪄// meat safari🐅🐘🥩// RIP company boards?⏏️

Memia on Sunday 10-Apr-2022 Geopolitical scenario development part 1: 100 axes of uncertainty🌐⁉️// values-based globalisation🌎🌍🌏// 🤑#Twitstonk // sustained resilience⛓// Kolmogorov complexity🔢🔐

Memia 2022.13: 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦//mitigation of climate change🔥🧊// giga Berlin🚘// Musk tweets🤑// air-purifying headphones🎧🌬️// hydrocrypto🌊// magnetic slime robot🧲🐌

Memia on Sunday 3-Apr-2022: blast from the Oblast🇺🇦// doomed to choose?🤔// perovskites: solar 3.0☀️// OS archaeology📜// deepstore⚒️//AI-generated prankster🤖

Memia 2022.12: 🇺🇦✊// permacrisis🧿// not-so-super-EMP?💥// gigabight💨// pair programming in 2022🧑‍💻🤖// 1 billion proofs of human?👁️// smartclothes👕// memetic lexicon🧠

Memia on Sunday 27-Mar-2022: 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦// Risk, 2022 edition🎲⚔️// network power🌐// swarms, egregores, autocults😱// new Kremlinology🪆// China's economy under pressure🇨🇳📉// rainwater cities🌧️

Memia 2022.11: #standwithukraine🇺🇦// dual use generative AI☣️😬// the proactionary principle⏭️// beaming down to the rectenna☀️🛰️📡// dandel-IoT🎐// decentralising leadership♾️

Memia on Sunday 20-Mar-2022: #standwithukraine week 4✊🇺🇦// the universe is *very big*🌌// 28 degrees above normal🌡️// wave 7🦠🌊 // network state: the book🕸️// empower people over algorithms🔃

Memia 2022.10: #standwithukraine🇺🇦// riding the wave💉💉💉// eyes on china👀🇨🇳//decarbonisation acceleration⛽🔌// the future is Radiant?⚛️// Alice&Bob🧑‍🤝‍🧑// global dimming⚫// #cyborgproblems🦾

Memia on Sunday 13-Mar-2022: opt-in mandates?💉// PanScan📱// interesting times🇺🇦🇷🇺🇨🇳🇮🇳🇳🇿// PeaceDAO🕊️// sustainabile☣️// pale business daddy🧑‍🦲

Memia 2022.09: How does this end?🇺🇦// droneDAO wars⚠️// Alexa, go hack yourself🔃// peloton of one🚴🥽// dormant genes, regrown legs🧬🐸// the minimal cell🧫

Memia on Sunday 6-Mar-2022: in defence of rabbit holes🐰🕳️// the vaccinated and the left behind💉😣// the lines are drawn🇺🇦// whither China?🇨🇳// where is my mind😶‍🌫️//carrot in a box🥕📦

Memia 2022.08: Ukraine: scenarios 🇺🇦🔮// chart of the decade💉💉💉// the other crisis🌏🔥// Signal signal📶// deepfake everything?🤯// builder bot🥽🤖// physicals vs. virtuals➗

Memia on Sunday 27-Feb-2022: 🇺🇦Ukraine this week, next Taiwan?🇹🇼// Novorossiya brief🇷🇺🇨🇳// stranger than fiction🧟// deep code🔣// from mini-state to digital giant🇪🇪

Memia 2022.07: Information on misinformation😵‍💫// freedom to transact🪙// fly me to the moonbase🌕// disneylandland🎢// chemputation🧪💻// comparonomics📊// leotallica🕺🎸

Memia on Sunday 20-Feb-2022: narrative fractures⚠// this [political system] does not exist💭// car-free cul-de-sac?🚲🏠// from the merge⛙to the splurge💦// line go up📈// DNN for the trolley problem🚎

Memia 2022.06: Epistemic babble🗣️// Starship 2022🚀// RealityOS🥽// painting by myro🖌️// walk the line↔️// writing. wall.🥩🇨🇳// be my (metahuman) valentine💝

Memia on Sunday 13-Feb-2022: splintered realities and epistemic security▶️📢🛡️// 5 seconds in a tokamak⚛️🧲// Ozark, but with bitcoin💸// the new romantics💘// nerdle🤓

Memia 2022.05: calm before the storm📈// the money tree💰🌳// Meta-physics🥽📉// reality neutrality🟰// Bürokratt-ic government🤖// disinformation inoculation💉🧠// museum of the future🔮

Memia on Sunday 06-Feb-2022: radical housing market policy?🏘️// CBDC update💰// after Diem💸// hello Cascadia🌲// the banality of genius🎸// insights from exile 🇨🇳

Memia 2022.04: Value capture - a trojan horse?🐴// house prices yay🤦// FloC flop🛑// dead Diem⚰️// cash lightning⚡// philosophy of the metaverse💭// griftech💸

Memia on Sunday 30-Jan-2022: BYOJ - bring your own job🧑‍💻// transhuman evolution and synthetic wombs🧬🔢🤰// history of the end of poverty📜// housing theory of everything🏚️

Memia 2022.03: Into the red🔴// banning “surveillance advertising”?🕵️// metaverse moves🥽♟️// womb for improvement🔧🤰// chameleon on wheels🦎🚘// sponge city🧽🏙️

Memia 2022.02: Eruption disruption🌋// Wordle’s special K🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩// supply chains meet inequality📦// clever wood🪵// going underground☢️// from Southland to the world🌏🌐🌎

Memia 2022.01: It's getting hot in here🔥// Taiwan's "silicon shield"🛡️// Moonrush🌑// goodbye manager🧑‍💼// the *true* promise of vertical farming🌾// liquid sunshine☀️