Sitemap - 2024 - Memia by Ben Reid

Webinar recording: Ben Reid and Sam Ragnarsson HiveMind: AI Tools and Workflows AMA 14th June 2024

Ben Reid - Te Hono Speaker Series 7th June 2024

Counting the OOMs to FOOM📈📈📈 Apple intelligence🍎🧠🔐 Recall recalled🔍 kling🎥🪄 brilliant🤓 reachy🤖 Google but for DNA🧬 Starship has landed🚀 prolific machines🧫 the talk🗣️ #2024.23

🛠️🤖🧠Memia subscriber webinar - Ben Reid and Sam Ragnarsson Hive Mind: AI tools and workflows + AMA

NVIDIA accelerates *everything*⤴️ design your own city🏙️ Sim Francisco🌉 illuminate💡 way more Waymo🚗 Perplexity pages📜 spacetop👓 futarchy🔮 star factory🪐💥 cosplaying at democracy🤡🗳️ #2024.22

Solar industrial revolution☀️ reverse Turing🫣 what's the magic word?🪄 EV at sea🚤⚡ matter compilers🖨 daylight computer🌞 “up-wing” techno-optimism🆙 plurality🤝🗳️ portable DNA sequencer🧬 #2024.21

After -4o🗣️ RIP superalignment💔 AI-based public service?🏛️🤖💬 hey big spenders💰 autonomous precision killer drones☠️🚁 good enough ancestor🗳️ bending to a higher order🌀 #2020.20

GPT-4…oh!🗣️🤯 Google I/…oh!♊🤯 alphafold 3🧬 deeper fakes🫣 elevenlabs🎛️ the end of social media?🛑 quantum woah😮 iontronic memristor🧠 tic-tac-crow🐦 #2024.19

Research note: an updated list of AI use cases and tools I'm using, May 2024

Finding the money💸 content is (still?) king👑 patriarchal AI🙅‍♀️ DestinE🌍🌡️ midjourney>unreal?🤯 get cookin’🧪 mRNA cancer vaccine🧬 H5N1 keeps coming🦠 press the AI button🖱️ #2024.18

gpt2 (not gpt-2)🤫 reimagining cathedrals⛪ accelerating foresight⤴️ still hiring humans?🤖 orb shortage👁️ thermonator🔥 horizon OS🥽 decentralised security☢️🌐 #2024.17

🌐Strategy note: Using Claude 3 Opus to accelerate foresight / geopolitical scenario development

Post-AGI money?💸 LLaMa 3🦙 FineWeb🍷 VASA-1🗣️ OpenCRISPR🧬 plausible tomorrows⤴️ inner cosmos🧠🔌dangerous memes💭 primary endosymbiosis🦠 by Jupiter🌌 #2024.16

Ministry of imagination💭feelings about AI😀😐😟 Udio🎵 Limitless🚫tripedal robot chairs🪑🦿 Uniswap vs. SEC🪙 two years to save the planet⏰🌎🆘 🎤Lower Hutt rap🎤 abandoned films🎥 #2024.15

🧠Mind Expanding 14 April 2024: recent books roundup📚

Pronouns for AI?💬 I would drive 1 billion miles🛣️ ReALM🍏 AI at war⚔️ voice engine🗣️ singing avatars🎤 👤 authoritarian alliance✊ don’t just walk out🛒🚶‍♂️ it’s Luna time🌙 #2024.14

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa paperback edition: online orders now open

Nightmare averted (this time)🚨 generative revenue💸 model escape when?🆓 Meta watch👀 automated futures🦾 drilling down on deep geothermal ♨️ surviving water scarcity💧welcome legal whales🐳 #2024.13

Neuralinked🧠🔌 inflection point⤴️ in-stability🌪️ openinterpreter 01🗣️ cosmopedia🌐 inference in space🛰️ harold halibut🐟 3 body problem🪐🪐🪐 the wait calculation⏳ spatial synth🎹 #2024.12

Diploma in doing nothing🎓 AI crisis in science?🧪 Blackwell⤴️ project GR00T🦾 go Figure🤖 Apple has entered the chat🍎 regulators gonna regulate🏛️ Starship super dupers🚀 it's magic🪄 #2024.11

1934 ppb☁️ AI chips-what’s next?🧩 thermodynamic computing♨️ banking on copilot🏦 it’s all truffles🍄 Devin the AI software engineer🧑‍💻🤖 humanoid gym🤸‍♂️ double hand transplant🤝holomat⏺ #2024.10

A week in Fast Forward⏩ Claude 3📈 Inflection 2.5😐 EMO🗣️ firewalls for the mind🧠🛡️ ETH in 4K🆙 Westworld arriving...?🦿 mind-reading Airpods🎧📡 blue sphere of death🔵 #2024.09

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa Digital Book Release

Nvidia cooking (the planet)♨️ woke Gemini🫣 au large📏 SD3🖼️ AI in a box📦 relativity space🚀 cuby🏘️ surge burger🍔 falling on the moon🌙 a better tasting cup of tea🍵 #2024.08

T minus 2 weeks⌛⏩ Sora🤯🤯🤯Gemini 1.5 pro♊ 6 ways to (attempt to) regulate AI⚖️ the algorithm rules👁️ dairy seeds🌱🥛 zombie deer disease🧟‍♂️🦌 reality is a simulation🎮 #2024.07

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa Digital Book Release: 5th March 2024

⏩Fast Forward Aotearoa Digital Book Release: 5th March 2024

RIP Bard and Bing🪦 hello Gemini and Deucalion♊ special agents?🕵️ 7.Trillion.Dollars.💸 regulate us, quicker⚖️📈goody-2😇 watermarking in the sand❌ sclerosponge🧽thermometry🌡️yurt party🎪🎶 #2024.06

Vis-ionaries…or vis-holes?🥽 deepfake red alert🚨 mobilediffusion📱🪄 OLMo 🔓 governance-on-a-chip📴 third thumb 👍enhanced weathering🪨 synthetic prosthetic🦾 seal flu🦭🦠 lifenaut🧠💾 #2024.05

Curing all disease?🧬 robust mouse rejuvenation🐁 machine unlearning💭 splatfacto💦 Lumiere💡 carrot prototype🥕 down on the farm🚜🍓 big sky📷 start-up to end-up📈📉 #2024.04

🧠Mind Expanding 28 Jan 2024: theories of everything🌌thinking wider around AI🤖💭 toddler LLMs👶 the value of understanding values🧭 data dam🌊

The week in… spatial computing🥽 holotile🚶‍♂️alphageometry📐 AGI flexing💪 proxi🫧 hash-tastic⛏️ dragonfire🐉 moon sniper🌕🔫spray-on smart skin🤏 ascension📈🇨🇳 #2024.03

CES2024 highlights🆕 Rabbiting on🐇 sleeper agents🕵️ chatbot arena🏟️ pernicious polarisation ↔️ tackling auto-besity🚙 eye tracking lasers👀🔴 mind the (generation) gap👴 #2024.02

Strategy note: AI ideation for big business

Annual climate wake up call🌡️ 2024 tech predictions🔮 copyright or the right to copy?©️✍️ Midjourney v6🖼️ skybrator🌬️ data on a plane🛰️ privacy lost👁️ #2024.01