Sitemap - 2020 - Memia by Ben Reid

Memia 2020.46: 2020 wrapup🎁// an underlying thesis?📖// top 10 themes from a year of tumultuous change🌊💥🤯 // quantum teleportation⚛️// a refreshing appointment👏

Memia 2020 wrapup: Top 10 themes from a year of tumultuous change🌊💥🤯

Memia 2020.45: Positive externalities➕// a tangled knot🏘️🪢// put to sea⛵// big sheds🏗️// injecting CRISPR🧬

Memia 2020.44: After you, no after you💉// insurance retreat: a BIG play🔥🌊// geography is not destiny?🌏// capitalism solved💰✔️// flying hy(drogen)🛫⚛️

Memia 2020.43: Inflation...not inflation📈// the liability of science🥼⚖️// APEC re-imagined🌏// protein folding problem solved🧬

Memia 2020.42: Ports in a perfect storm🚢🌀// WFH tax WTF🤦// when VR🪐meets AR👓// Russian cyberpunk robot🤖farm🚜🐄

Memia 2020.41: Data science-advised government✔️// *interesting times*🌏// indistinguishability obfuscation#️⃣//solar powered smart dust💨//lab-grown human breast milk🍼

Memia 2020.40: Make America Rake Again🥕// the polar opposite of "wealth tax"💸// HYPErloop➰// missing courgette robots🥒

Memia 2020.39: Putting up the plyboard🔨// down the fact-checking rabbit hole🐇🕳️// solace of quantum⚛️// remixable citizenship🛂// 5-person marriages👰👰👰👰👰

Down the fact checking rabbit hole

Memia 2020.38: Flu.🦠Shot.🤒// climate action priorities🌀// ScoMo's lack of tech ambition💤// the chip wars of the 21st century⚔️

Memia 2020.38 Mind Expanding links

Memia 2020.37: After the landslide⏭️// getting the CBDCs💱// phoning on the moon🌑// robotic prosthetic🦿// killer drone swarms🛩️🛩️🛩️💥

AoNZ 2020 Election Twitter Highlights

Memia 2020.36: Party like it's 2021?🥳// poor backdoor law🚪// everything that moves will be autonomous🦾// dancing back to back (with facemasks)🕺😷💃😷

Memia 2020.35: Reconfiguring the state🏢💭📲// open banking💳->open energy🔋// hedging the Keeling Curve📈// computers imagining giraffes🦒

Memia 2020.34: Disunited states🧨// patient China🐼// all-weather companies🌩️// virtual facemasks👓😷// bionic piano gloves🦾🎹🧤

Memia 2020.33: Zeroes0️⃣to heroes🦸(for now)⏱️// filling the void📖// a horrible experiment🧪// infinite office♾️

Memia 2020.32: Scenes from the anthropocene🔥// how do you do, fellow kids?🧓// into the tech policy void🕳️ // the code of capital🔣💲

Memia 2020.31: Coronatech🦠// Tiktok and the sorting hat🕺💃🎩// waste not (ever again)🗑️🛑// 3d printed not-quite-steak🥩🤢// burning man in VR🔥🧍👓

Memia 2020.30: Watching those watching us👀// ethics-as-a-service📜// negative interest💵// the quad⬜// uplifting Gertrude the pig🐷

Memia 2020.29: Squinting at the far end of the Covid tunnel🔭// radical progressive⏩// climate risks assessed🔥//AI-powered government?🤔// deepfake startup camp🏕️// the last light🕯️

Memia 2020.28: How not to algorithm🔣// puppetmasters👯or automata?🦿// state-sponsored futurism🔮// the last television📺// zombie pigs🐷// fake fireworks🎆

Memia 2020.27: Here we go again🦠😷// less noise📢,more signal📶// scaling UP food production⤴️🌾// beautiful AR playground🧒

Memia 2020.26: V/W/L-shaped recoveries, revisited📉📈// extortion dance💃🧧🕺// mind expanding🧠// imminent civilizational collapse💥// prosecution futures ₿// shouting zeroes and ones🔟

Memia 2020.25: Remote work - notes from a Covid🦠intermission😷// tech regulation - pick a regime⚖️// government and the algorithms🔀// this week caffeine is ok for you☕

Memia 2020.24: Burning Earth🔥, encroaching sea🌏// enough pessimism already😓// forecasting 2100🔮// power, influence and Risk🎲// love is a coding challenge💌

Memia 2020.23: The 4th tsunami🌊// beyond bureaucracy🐌// BIG BIG battery🔋// city🏙️digital🔢twins👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽// fly me anywhere🚁

Memia 2020.22: Covid-19🦠causal loops➰, a bang💥and a whimper😢// geostrategic🌏tipping points⚖️// bionic swallow swarms🕊️// kiwifruit🥝orchard AI💻

Memia 2020.21: Modern alchemy⚗️// wealth💰recycling♻️// outpost Aotearoa🥝// privacy. act!🔐// deepfake timeline 2020⌛// memories of Australia🦘

Memia 2020.20: *Real* house prices?🏘️// belief scarring🗯️// farmers vs forests vs future🌳// walkies🐕

Memia 2020.19: The apocalyptic scenario🌪️// just create new money💵// axis of kindness👐//🏥hospital-ITis🤒// human IPO📉

The "Axis of Kindness"

Memia 2020.18: 🥃To level one...and beyond // 🔥🧯firehose of falsehoods // 💧Water 📉meter 💣cluster // anyone remember 📈inflation?

Memia 2020.17: The world went BOOM💥//sensemaking the narratives🧩// truth and the underlay🚧// make lying expensive💰

Sensemaking from the narratives: the world goes BOOM in the last week of May 2020

Memia 2020.16: 🧮DAOtearoa //⚙️⚙️2-speed government //🦠covid🟩green&🟥red zones // future of work =👓VR

Memia 2020.15: Surreal...unreal...not real🤯// surviving on a [$50Bn] budget🥔// de-central bank💳// self-growing bricks🧱// honest government and the machine🎰

Memia 2020.14: Level 4-to-2😷// AoNZ north🧭// hallelujah for the technocracy?💾// just take my money💰// AI for equitable taxation// ✈️planes 🚄trains and 🚛autonomous-mobiles

Memia 2020.13: Doing business from a lifeboat🚣// regenerative [🦿robotic🦾] 🌻ag🌾// climate change🌡️change? // data-driven recovery //a 💸wealth💸 of outcomes

Memia 2020.12: 🔲🔲Post-Covid shapes🔲🔲//💰what's wrong with how we used to make money?💰// debt will eat itself // elimination↗️emancipation // watching the watchers

Memia 2020.11: 🌌The universe, open sourced 🤯 //going down a level //🌱IT'S TIME TO PLANT🌳// post-covid Bretton Woods // fools and dreamers💭

Memia 2020.10: AC⚡BC // welcome to the new economy // planet healing // think BIG // "precision-ready" digital infrastructure // bubble living on Mars

Memia 2020.09: #Covid19nz turning point? // you (plural) are being watched // seeing through the fog // proof-of-human🧍 // thought-to-text // signalling-as-a-service

Post-Covid-19 - some "axes of uncertainty" scenarios for New Zealand Inc.

Memia 2020.08: Going all-in on H₂ 🌊🔋⛽ // Covid-19 😷 enough already // Ministry of data // Back to basic // Income portfolio design // Next up: ultra-globalisation

Memia 2020.07: Lest we forget // Going coronaviral // After the event // Quantitative confusing // Doing capitalism differently // VR conferences

Memia 2020.06: Covid-19 🤧 information avalanche, debt deluge & inequality down(er) // *Even more* catastrophic risks 🥳 // I really wanna zigazig-ah

Memia 2020.05: Covid-19 ecological salvation? // Digital twin *is* strategy // Copyright futility // Indie highland coos

The Digital Twin *Is* The Business Strategy

Memia newsletter 2020.04 AI boardrooms // Self-driving businesses // It's only money // Aww baby dolphin 🐬

Memia 2020.03 VR Special: Beyond fun // Over the Horizon // Going to the feelies // PLUS Regulatory markets for big tech // Wisk air taxis // Oyster farms for carbon capture // Music and cheap lessons

Memia newsletter 2020.02

Memia newsletter 2020.01

Redistributive sovereign cryptocurrency - an alternative to a "wealth tax"?